Jason Todd?

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Why do people reffer to him as jason todd? They could red hood but they don't. WHY? I think its because everyone knows that this red hood identity won't last for ever. Everyone wants jason to redeem him self. I think that people would rather see jason for what he could be. possible the best robin ever. He started with nothing and look at him now. Nightwing had his acrobat family, tim or red robin had a carrying father aswell as a promising life ahead of him, and damian was born into almost royalty on both sides of his family. wht did jason have? Nothing. And that why I see him as possible best robin. there just more room to grow for him than the others. And thats why think people call him by jason instead of red hood. Because they know he's better than that title.

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Ok, we get it, you like Jason.

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@redhoodx: I refer to him as Jason Todd because:

  1. He is not the original Red Hood.
  2. He is almost always compared to the past and present Robins. Hence the need to differentiate between them via the use of real names.
  3. Compared to the legacy he left behind, upon his death as the second Robin, his tenure as the Red Hood has been quite short thus far.
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Couldnt put it any better way!

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Couldnt put it any better way!

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As a Jason Todd fan, I call him by his name because well.. it's his name. The only people I ever really call by their superhero identities are the main cast of the DC Universe, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman etc, and most people in Marvel. That and what yummyyumbubblegum said. Mostly though I think it's just because he's not that iconic as Red Hood. He's a great character, and I like him a lot, but it's the truth. Also, I'm pretty sure he was the most hated Robin.

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I tend to call all the Robins by their personal names. Habit I guess. I also tend to call them by their full names instead of just their first names. I have to go back and edit my posts to just say, for example "Dick" instead of "Dick Grayson" eight times in one post.

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Best Robin ever? Don't think so. I love Jason, but Damien and Dick are the only Robins I've liked(despite Damien being a snobbish devil-spawn). I like Todd as Red Hood, but I use his name more out of habit than anything else. Every time I'm talking about a character, especially in battles, I'll often alternate between his/her real name, and their hero/villain identity. I even do it with popular characters like Batman and Superman.

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Batman is probably the only character apart of the bat family that i call batman

the rest i refer to them by their names i have no clue why but it seems more natural (actually i think thats how it is in the comics too so maybe thats why)

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I think in these modern times all of us hip comic book fans call nearly all characters by their "real" names.

"Then Bruce punched Clark and broke his hand!"

"Morrison writes Dick really well but I never liked his Jason."

We all do it because the characters do it, it also tends to show who is a genuine comic book reader and who is a casual superhero movie viewer.

You read characters calling each other by their "real" names for so long it's inevitable that you'll pick it up yourself.

It's pretty much habit for me now and I'll often switch back and forth in the same discussion without even realizing it.

"Bruce disarms the guy, then Joker shows up and shoots but of course Batman is all over him."

We don't call him Jason because of some deep psychological yearning on our part to see him redeem himself and shed the transitional identity of the Red Hood finally acquiring a sense of self worth in his own eyes and validating himself in the eyes of Bruce Wayne (from Jason's perspective at least).

No we call him Jason... because his name is Jason.

Sometimes my friend, a cigar is just a cigar. ;)

Besides OP, you do it yourself in one of your other threads: "Jason and Bruce might get some face time."

WHY did you call him Bruce and not Batman?

Do you secretly suspect this "Bat-Man" identity won't last forever?

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First of all, there is no way that Jason is the best Robin. The best Robin does not get voted to die from fans. Also, people call him Jason simply because that is his name, plus there have been multiple Robins and multiple Red Hoods, making it easier to say Jason than Robin 2.

Personally I do not want to ever see Jason be redeemed. His hatred for Batman and envy of the successful Robins is a character trait that makes perfect sense for his damaged psyche, as any boy who is murdered in cold blood and then resurrected only to be trained by ruthless assassins would undoubtedly have. He showed this anger in his years as Robin and becoming a ruthless vigilante killer is a logical extension of his character arc.

As the OP is a clear Todd fan I realize that you will not agree with many of these statements... however I would appreciate to learn all about your opinions in a PM if you feel a desire to defend them.

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I would also go as far to say that the fact Jason had "nothing" is his downfall. Dick and Tim had their lives taken from them, thus meaning they had to overcome the endless rage and desire for revenge. This builds character, and ultimately maturity. Look at the present, Dick and Tim are still in the family, and Jason isn't.

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Because it's easier than calling him Red Hood all the time, people sometimes get confused with what the secret identities actually are if you just call them by code names.

That sounds stupid but it is, unfortunatately, true.

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