Jason and Dick

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#51 Posted by Nathaniel_Christopher (1687 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to agree, because DIck himself has never wronged Jason in any way. And he only ever tried to help Jason be a better Robin, so i'd think that if push came to shove and Dick was about to be killed, Jason would jump in to save him

#52 Posted by ADAMocracy (132 posts) - - Show Bio

@serpent222 said:

Admittedly, I know less about Jason than the other two, I see it like this: As noted, Tim seems to be Jason's in guy. I think Tim can better understand Jason's point of view on things. The Red Robin series showed that Tim was often struggling with the idea of having to kill someone if necessary, and the idea has been brought up again with the Culling in Teen Titans. While Tim ended up on the better side of it, he can see where Jason comes from with it. With Jason and Dick, I think they generally respect one another, but Dick is much more like Bruce in his mentality, and finds it hard to look past Jason's methods. Jason knows this, so it creates a sort of friction between the two of them.

Yeah extremely good point, but also Jason is still self conscious when comes to the comparison to Dick. For example when he stumbled onto all the Nightwing suits in RHATO, he has the flashback of accusing Batman that "if it was Dick, Joker killed, you would of cross the line." So I think Jason respects Dick as a fighter, but as a brother he just sees him as the guy he was always compared to and could never surpass.

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@VenomousDragon: Jason hates Dick. This is true for just about every other character in the Bat family. This is because Jason is little more than a perpetual angst factory (sorry, Hood fans). He has just recently started getting back on better terms with Tim (in my opinion, they share the common ground of being outsiders in the current Batman family), which is weird because Death of the Family just ended and the ties that bind are supposed to be broken.

Eh, comic books.

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@VenomousDragon: I hope they become friends

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