How old was Jason?

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When he became Robin? How could he be the same age as Nightwing?

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@darthaznable: according to my sources he is biologicly 1 year older with the lazarus pit and talia and crap otherwise hes two years younger

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In the original Comics from the 80s he became Robin at the Age of 11 or 12, when Dick was between 18 and 20 years old. And since Tim was 13 when he met Batman in "A Lonely Place of Dying", the age difference between him and Jason should have been very small at this time.

Based on their Birthdays in newer comics he is probably a little bit younger than Cassandra and around 2 Years older than Tim.

Cassandra 18th birthday was in Batgirl #37 (published in April, 2003), Tims 16th in Robin #116 (published in Sptember 2003) and Jasons 18th in Detective Comics #790 (published in March, 2004).

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Is in any of the comics said how much time passed between Jasons dead and "Under the Hood" or "Hush".

According to "Batman Annual 25" Tailia threw him 3 1/2 years after his dead in to the Lazarus Pit, but i can't find out how long he trained afterwords before he confronted Batman.

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