Blah- New Thread So You'll Look-Winick Talks Jason-Video

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Lemme interview him pretty please.He wont even know what hit him.Still this makes me more hopeful.
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They need to take him out of Gotham and let him do his own thing @Unwritten Duck:

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Said it before and I'll say it again, by choosing to concentrate Jason in the areas they do, they completely de-value the point of his death in the mythos. This is supposed to be about Bruce's actions and the choices he's made and what comes out of that. That a Boy Wonder became a street vigilante armed with glocks. That his point of view broke completely, utterly from Bruce's because of actions Bruce did or did not take. That the message that "All life is precious" has been disregarded or not recieved at all, in light of his death. And then in that mindset is where the stories really are.

Instead, we have introspective masturbation. Red headed stepsons with Jan Brady Syndrome and the rehashed characteristics of one-off Animal Man villains like The Red Mask and a bit of knocking on the fourth wall " see that...Red Hood's webcam is activated by...a phone poll! Huh, huh you see what he did there?". Do it again and watch how it falls flatter than it did the first time, I've seen that saturday morning cartoon before where the new heroes in town, come in, get fame, get their asses kicked, and are revealed either as wimps or evil. Ninja Turtles did it better and it was formulaic then.

Move him out of Gotham.
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He needs to be on his own and away from the Bat family in order to get his own name and popularity back up again. The only reason they keep retelling the same type of story is because its what sales the bat books. Any time Jason is seen on a page with either Batman, Robin (TIM) or Damian people flock to it. Like moths to light. That is basically why they keep Jason around. It sickens me. I want him out, on his own. Doing shit he does best. Killing people that need to be killed and cleaning up the streets at the same time.

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