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Jason Saldana is a the real life staff member of Rooster Teeth Productions and a member of the Rooster Teeth Staff. He is portrayed as being the rock-star slacker of the Staff and is constantly plagued by disease thanks to the comic's creators sense of humour. 

Year One

Jason was introduced as the guy who has more guitars from E-Bay than he does underwear. He managed to remain neutral during the Pie vs Cake debate between Geoff and Gus by ordering creme brulee.  
Later he sold his blood, hair, and a kidney to have enough money to buy video games.  
Matt and Jason got into a debate, and eventually fight to the death, over whether Brownies were better than Cookies and ended up being labeled posers by Geoff and Gus (Pie vs Cake). 
Jason reveals he's deeply in love with Salma Hayek, because they are both Mexican. However when she becomes pregnant he knows it's not his and the fantasy topples. 
  Later Jason makes a cake for Paris Hilton so she'll go out with him. He plans on giving it to her while she's in jail and uses his old family recipe, which involves a metal file as an ingredient. It's then decided that he and Geoff will head off to LA after Lindsey Lohan is arrested as she and Paris might be in the same prison. The two dress as women but Geoff bails and Jason ends up in a cell with a scary woman who likes to burn things as well as spoon. In order to get out of jail, however, Jason has to do some pretty nasty stuff for Griffon and Luke, who enjoy tormenting him.  

Year Two

 Jason gets the Darkness
Jason becomes infected with the Darkness, infected after using a public bathroom hand dryer. He tries to train it to be useful (grabbing beer cans for him) but has trouble harnessing all the powers of evil, which is apparently harder than it looks. He feeds it hearts and faces until it turns out it wasn't the Darkness, but instead the clap. 
Matt finds out that Jason likes to match his shirts with his shoes, but doesn't have a match for each colour since he doesn't have sixty shirts.  
He later gets in trouble from Lil' Vince for eating some Halloween candy. He's also been training his pet Pinata to stop attacking his face, but the trick still needs work. 
It also turns out that he's plagued by some nasty parasites that only he can hear talking, but never seem to talk back to him. 
He then fakes being married to Amy Winehouse in an attempt to think they actually did get married but just ends up having to swim back from England. 
He asks Luke and Griffon to stop with the disease related comics as girls won't go out with him, one even put on a latex glove to slap him. They ignored his request. 
He later initiates a regular nap-time at work, much to Burnie's dismay. It actually turns out to be really popular with the rest of the guys.  

Year Three

 Jason and the Pull Offs
Jason turns out to be the reason H1N1 spread to humans, due to some of his more disgusting activities. He also starts using Twitter as a way to get his stalking of celebrities in. 
During the massive swine flu outbreak Burnie sends Jason to Rooster Teeth North, as he's too much of a health risk to keep around.
Jason and his band, Jason and the Pull Offs, go on tour, which consists of locations like Best Buy store room, Mom's garage, and Aidan's birthday.  
Later Jason has one of his gigs stolen by Joel, who amuses his audience (of one small child) by playing DJ Hero. The Jason and the Pull Offs shirts don't sell as well as anticipated, Burnie being the only one to get a gift.

 Jason attracts Lil' Vince
Lil' Vince 
Jason somehow attracted a Viva Pinata character that thrived on laziness. The Pinata latched itself to his face to lay eggs in his brain that sometime later allowed Jason to sneeze candy, which Burnie ate. Ultimately Jason decided to keep the little Pinata as a pet, naming it Lil' Vince.  Lil' Vince has attacked the office cat, Finch, only once but Jason was caught in the middle of the fight. 
As an ongoing joke by comic creators Griffon Ramsey and Luke McKay, Jason is constantly infected with some kind of disease or virus and is portrayed as living a very unhealthy and dirty lifestyle. He once asked them to stop the disease jokes (within the comic) but they continue to humiliate and torment him. 

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