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Member of the Yancy Street Gang.


Written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Joe Quinones.

Major Story Arcs

As part of a group from the Yancy Street Gang terrorizing Darla Deering, Jason is a hacker that infiltrates major corporations. He uses his skills to hack into Darla's personal life to be exposed to the Daily Bugle (which has a reporter eagerly gobbling up any news on the new Fantastic Four).

Jason helps engineer a plot to embarrass Darla by rigging tickets to a concert that only gives Yancy Streeters access. They pummel Darla with produce. Jason and his friends get called by who they think is their Daily Bugle contact and they end up meeting with Ant-Man and Darla instead. Ant-Man tells the boys that he has hacked into their lives by shrinking and simply watching them type their usernames and passwords. Jason and company realize that all their information is out and that they have been bested.

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