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Jasmine is born in the green planet of Kaliklak and is part of the insectororids. Little is know about his childhood. As a adult, she became the leader of a female thieves group. She also began a romance with Bug, the first time Micronaut.

When Baron Karza began his conquest of the entire Microverse, he also seizes Kaliklak and place a governor faithful to him. In order of regain the control of his band, the own father of bug, Wartstaff, betrayed his son and hand over him to the Governor. He also forced Jasmine to unite their two bands.

After the battle of Spartak, Bug was  carried on his natal planet. He attacks his father and his former companions and Jasmine help him to regain the control of his former band. In fact, she cut the antennae of Wartstaff, leaving him stunned. Understanding that Jasmine was forced to join the Wartstaff’s group, Bug was happy to start again his love story with her.

Some weeks after, the two lovers and their bands attack the capital of Kaliklak and force the Karza’s Governor to surrender. They discovered at this time that  Karza had been defeated by Commander Rann. Quickly,  the lovers call the Micronauts and come with them in their new trip.

Unfortunately, the first enemy they have to fight during this new trip is Psycho-Man. In the lair of this one, Jasmine and Bug encounter a Reptos, one of their natural predator. In order to save Bug, Jasmine fight the creature hand to hand and is taken away by it. The giant flying lizard killed the insectoid woman and it’s Psycho-Man himself who show her dead body to the desperate Micronauts. Commander Rann has just enough time for snatching the corps of the hand of their enemy before the Micronauts fly from him.

In the fly, the Micronauts travel through the space wall and emerge in a strange landscape, (in fact, the Earth but a planet of giants for the heroes). It’s in this place that her friends bury the dead body of Jasmine, leaving Bug in a deep distress and sadness.


 Jasmine are a strong woman who refused to be the slave of a man. Wartstaff forced her to join his team but, as soon as Bug attacked him, she had taken the chance to be free again. She also are a good leader who take care of her own thieves group.

Her love for Bug was long-standing and strong and she sacrificed herself in order to save him.


Powers and abilities.

  As a insectivorid, jasmine possess a exoskeleton like the insects and adhesive feet. She also wore antennas who permit to his species to contact others ones by contact.

She are a expert thief and a trained fighter with good physical abilities.

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