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Jarvis Kord was not only Ted Kord's uncle but he was also a brilliant scientist. Ted had helped him unknowingly build indestructible super robots in an attempt to use them to take over the world. When Ted found out he got his old archeology professor to help him find and stop his uncle. Unknown to Ted his old professor was none other than Dan Garrett the original Blue Beetle. Once Dan and Ted found Jarvis on Pogo island they were attacked by Jarvis's robots. Once attacked Dan uses his magical scarab to turn into the Blue Beetle. Jarvis faced with defeat kills himself and blows up his robots in a successful attempt to kill Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle was mortally wounded and asked Ted to take up the mantle on his death bed. Ted agreed and became the next Blue Beetle. .

So in destroying himself and the original Blue Beetle Jarvis unknowingly created the second Blue Beetle.

In Other Media

In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Jarvis tricks Jaime Reyes into believing he is Ted Kord. He uses the scarab to power his robots in order to make the world a better place, however he later confesses that he wants to take over the world.

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