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Jarlaxle is an oddity from his fellow drow. Where they dress in dark colors he dresses in a multi-colored cape. He has a sharp tongue and a sharper wit. His loyalty lays with his band of mercenary's and whoever can pay the highest.

It is well known that Jaralxe is covered in magical items from head to toe. I deep gnome once casted detect magic on him, and was almsot blindedby the amount of magic that was on him. He is known as a master swordsman, and a expert marksman with his daggers.

A list of known mgical items he carrys with him.

Wounding Rapier, Five magical Daggers, Scabbard of Returning (keyed to daggers), Bracers of Armor, Necklace of Missiles, Diatrym Feather of Wondrous Power, Hat of Holding, Whistle of Bregan D’aerthe, Wand of Daylight, Wand of Web, Wand of Endure Elements, Brooch of Shileding, Cape of Scintillating Colors, Vest of Escape and many pocket, Belt of Resistance, Drow Boots of Silence, Eye Patch of firey fear, 10 Light Pellets, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Nightmare Figurine of Wondrous Power, Ring of Persuasion and comprehend languages and read magic, Belt Buckle, Rod of Splendor, Figurine of Wondrous Power (bat), rod of viscid globs, portable hole, Orb of Healing, Orb of Teleportation, Handcrossbow, 10 bolts, 10 doses of Drow Poison, Dragonhead Trap, Ring of major fire resistance.

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