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Like Nibbil, Janus is another physical manifestation of Annie's conscience, though she actually takes her job seriously when she is first introduced to the reader. Janus wears a thick black dress which covers her body from neck to knees, has glasses, and keeps her hair in a bun. She carries a large book with her, the title of which reflects her thoughts on the situation around her. It is often a virtue such as "Propriety" when she first appears, or "Virtue," "Morality," "Innocence," "Dignity," "Decency," and even "The Clean Human Being," in one of her dream panels in issue 3. The titles of these books change to more curiosity-based titles, and finally to dirty ones when Janus meets Yuriko.

In issue 3 Janus is sent to check up on Nibbel in her newly appointed role as guardian of Annie's conscience. Janus fully expects to find Nibbel incapable of doing the job she was sent to do and receive recognition for being the real virtuous one, but she never actually meets with Annie or Nibbel in this issue as she accidentally walks into Yuriko's house next door.

In issue 7 Janus is revealed to be the host of Yuriko's Halloween Party, explaining that she had been living with Yuriko after walking in on her in issue 3.

Janus has a size manipulation ability which seems to function the same as Nibbil's. She is shown as only a few inches tall in the first issue, but then as a full-sized woman later in the series. She has an additional power which allows her to temporarily paralyze people, which she uses on the attendees of her Halloween Party.

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