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Janet Drake was a woman from Gotham City, who met the rich archaeologist Jack Drake and shortly after they married. The two soon began a company, expanding it internationally.  Eventually the two have a son, Tim Drake, who they frequently left in boarding schools while the two went out on business. 
During a business trip in Haiti the couple was kidnapped by Obeah Man, who tried to ransom them before the arrival of Batman to rescue them. but he was to later as the two were forced to drink poisoned water, which killed Janet instantly and left Jack in a coma.
Years later, Janet along with Jack were raised as Black Lanterns,terrorizing Gotham City alongside the Flying Graysons, with them battling their son and Dick Grayson.  The Black Lanterns proved effective in the fights by playing on the boys needs, by using the memories of there parents against them. Eventually though, they were able to escape them by freezing themselves,stopping themselves from giving off emotions.

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