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 Janek Sunber was born on Tatooine and was a friend of Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter. Since he was the biggest of the group they gave him the nickname Tank. He was always eager to have fun, and would often steal his father's rifle so he could target womp rats in Beggar's Canyon on a T-16 Skyhopper with his friends.

He hoped they could all join the Imperial Navy and serve together as pilots, but he did not test well enough to be a pilot. Not wanting to miss out in a life of adventure he then joined the imperial Army.

He trained at the Academy of Carida and quickly became an officer. The training also taught him discipline. He was a lieutenant when his Biggs and friends joined the navy and became a little jealous of his rapid success. But he decided to make the most out of his career as a grunt.

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