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Brief History

Jane Smythe first appeared in The Brotherhood series as a mutant with limited shapeshifting abilities. She was able to transform herself into a huge, berserker green monster with heightened strength, stamina, and invulnerability. She reported Marvin Hoffman's whereabouts to a traitorous Marshal. Once he had discovered her location, Marshal sent his henchman; Fagin, Michael Asher, and Malon Reeves, to capture her, replace her with a look-alike corpse, and bring her in for further questioning.

As the trio arrived at Smythe's house, she deduced their motive before they could knock. She immediately transformed and attacked. Unfortunately, she was not very skilled in unarmed combat, since she was easily dominated by a rough punch from Fagin's monstrous form. As she slipped into unconciousness, she remained in her Hulk-esque body therefore ripping the Brotherhood's plans to shreds. The raucous had received more than it's fair share of attention, so as the Brotherhood fled the scene, they cut off Smythe's hand as evidence and dragged her back into the house where Michael Asher destroyed it (and incidentally, Smythe herself) with an explosion.

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