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Brief History

Jamie Rodriguez was a fisherman who discovered a golden necklace which contained the essence of Kulan Gath, a Hyborian sorcerer. His live was about to take a different direction, or rather two of them. In the original timeline Jamie was able to resist an attempt by possession by Kulan Gath and decided to get rid of the necklace. But he was then killed by a mugger who stole the necklace. Kulan Gath then took over the nameless mugger and used his new body to transform Manhattan into a Hyborian-style location.

Thanks to a spell by Dr. Strange intending to prevent these events, a time-traveling Nimrod arrived in Jamie's location just in time to kill the mugger. While Nimrod was merely following programming against criminals, Jamie was grateful to the person saving him. Assuming human form, Nimrod would spend quite some time as a houseguest of Jaime. In the process befriending Jaime and his family while experiencing life from a human perspective. Jaime was however somewhat disturbed by his friend's vigilantism and use of lethal force with little remorse. Nimrod merging with Master Mold (becoming Bastion) put an end to that relationship.

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