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 The Brother Of A Hero!
James is the older brother of Stuart Trautmann. While Stuart went to fight the good fight, as a Captain of the United State Marines an accident occurred and damaged Stuart's spine. Rendering him from being able to walk! Stuart was the only one that survived the attack on his squad and eventually became an Astronommy TA. Since Stuart is in a wheelchair, James takes it upon himself to be an overprotective older brother. While Stuart says that he isn't helpless, James ignores him and still continues to baby Stuart. When Stuart was meeting with his girlfriend Lily, he was hit by the Soldier Zero hybrid. Taking over Stuart to survive, James doesn't totally trust the Soldier Zero alien. As James gets Lily and Stuart into his car, and is going to take them both to the hospital, the Soldier unit tells James to stop at their house. Not knowing that Stuart is not being hurt by the Soldier unit, James wants to get Lily to the hospital. Instead, the Soldier teleport's her to the hospital, thinking that the Soldier killed Lily, they eventually go inside the house.
The Soldier unit used President Obama's voice and also dialogue from Start Wars episode 4, which Princess Leia was talking about help from Obi-Wan. Soon, Stuart was able to talk, and couldn't walk as the Soldier powered down. The Soldier explained to the both of them that he was one of the good guys, and that the enemy was coming to kill Stuart and him. James told the Soldier suit that he wanted IT to get off of Stuart, but Stuart said no because the Soldier unit needs to have a host to survive. However, James was still not pleased and made a deal with the suit that it should give Stuart the ability to walk once again! Stuart said that he needs nothing in return from the alien, but the alien suit agreed and made Stuart able to walk again. Soon enough, Stuart was running around town and eventually arrived at the store that didn't allow wheelchairs! When he saw the girl that he met earlier in the day, he needed to hide, because if she saw him she would say that he was faking being able to sit in a wheelchair. 
 Big Trouble For Stuart
Soon enough trouble occurred and some punks were trying to rob the store. Soon enough the Soldier Zero armor was powered up and the two combined easily took down the punk thieves. As Stuart and the Soldier ran out of the store, power was lost. Laying in the middle of the ground, Stuart couldn't walk because the power was all gone and the soldier suit needed to recharge. So as he lies on the ground the enemy (disguised as a police officer) asks if he needs help. Soon the enemy saw that Stuart's soldier unit wasn't online, so the enemy just helped him up and took him to the police station for a wheelchair. The police chief was interrogating Stuart and told him about the hero in the store, when Stuart was going to lie Soldier stopped him and told him not to because the enemy can smell it! Soon the chief called Stuart's brother James and he arrived at the store. They got into his car and started to talk. 
The soldier unit explained that the enemy is in control of the local guard guy and that soon his body is going to fall to pieces. Stuart asked if the soldier unit can pick up radio frequencies and they tuned into a DJ that was talking about Lily seeing an alien. Soon enough the enemy was headed for the hospital that Lily was at, and he beat up F.B.I. agents. Lily's friend pushed the enemy out of the window, and he hit the ground. Lily's friend took her out of the room and also the hospital to keep her safe. Later on, Soldier Zero arrived to battle Soldier One and the enemy grabs him with a chokehold!     

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