Will Star Trek Be Successful?

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The "Summer Movies" have already started with last week's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."  There is a lot of excitement over J.J. Abrams's reboot of the franchise.  With a younger cast and shinier sets, could this movie live up to the expectations of Star Trek fans?  Early reports had Star Trek outselling Wolverine in terms of advanced tickets.  It's clear that the Star Trek fans will be in the theaters starting tonight to either praise the movie or tear it apart.

It may be a great movie.  It sure looks it.  But my question is, will it be "successful"?  In other words, can it be profitable for Paramount?  The movie has a reported budget of $150 million.  The studio has also invested another $150 million into promoting the movie. 

The last movie, "Star Trek: Nemesis" had an opening weekend of $18.5 million.  Ouch.  It's worldwide gross (according to BoxOfficeMojo) is only $67.3 million.   Obviously these are different Star Trek movies.  The current movie will have more appeal to non-Star Trek fans.

Star Trek will also be competing against Wolverine (in his second week of release).  While it's pretty much a sure thing Star Trek will do better than Wolverine this weekend, it could still lose some sales to the furry little guy.  Another key factor on a movie's success are the individual day's ticket sales.  Paramount's decision to premiere the movie five hours earlier will give it a head start from the midnight showings but will also take away from Friday's numbers.

Are you going to see the movie?  When do you plan on seeing it?  Do you think it will have a bigger opening than Wolverine had last weekend ($85 million domestic)?  How long do you think it will take Paramount to recoup their $300 million investment?
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I don't want to see it, but my mother is a closet fan, but rumor has it it's really good. So maybe it's second week will prove more profitable than it's first. Idk though.

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I really think Star Trek is going to dominate Wolverine. The leak the mediocre review of Wolverine put a hurting on it. 

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I dunno about dominate but I think Star Trek could easily be the Iron Man of this summer.

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Yup,  ahm a gonna see this one,  fo sho'.   Too bad there won't be any good comic book movies this year unlike last year.  Oh, well. 

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Star Trek is gonna dominate.  It's going to take lots of money away from Wolverine.

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Is there really any question as to whether Star Trek will be successful? It's going to completely bury Wolverine, and they will recoup costs inside of two weeks.

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I really want to see it even more than Wolverine, probably why I havn;t seen wolvie yet. It looks like it;s going to be a really great movie & they have some amazing actors.

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One reliable source (Deadline Hollywood) puts the prediction at $65 million for the weekend gross.

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i think so. It I say it will be the 1st or 2nd best opening of the year for now

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My common senses are tingling!!!! and they say YES.

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A prescreening yesterday that I read about had some people there six hours before the movie opened for seating. This movie will be the movie of the year. 
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I don't know if it's going to be the best movie of the summer...remember we still have Transformers 2 coming out....but i do think it will be a really sucessful film

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i think its going to be great -- i can't wait for it to come out!

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With Terminator: Salvation also this year, it may be the summer for Sci-Fi instead of superheroes.

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I am DEFINITELY going to see it. I'm excited. This is me excited. Yes.

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I just got back from seeing it.... and it was AMAZING!!!

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The Hunter said:
"I just got back from seeing it.... and it was AMAZING!!!"
So, you would say it was successful?
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Kurrent said:
Amen and Hallelujah!

Korg said:
"The Hunter said:
"I just got back from seeing it.... and it was AMAZING!!!"
So, you would say it was successful?
Hell yeah.

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I saw it tonight.  The film is brilliant.  I always have preferred STAR TREK to STAR WARS.  Like SUPES or BATS.  And the SCIENCE of the film, when J.J. really wanted it there, it was there and made you think afterwards.  I thought the cinematography/visual effects was tremendous and had that "J.J." feel to it.  As you first see the opening, you know it's J.J.'s.  I don't think it will make as much as WOLVERINE did in its opening weekend just because STAR TREK isn't as "household" as it used to be.  In the long run, I think Star Trek's numbers may catch up to Wolverine's. 

Do I think it is going to be successful?  I went with a "novice" and another "novice", and both were "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" and "holy s#!%-ing".  This is EXACTLY what they told everyone.  You don't have to be a fan or know anything about the series.  Because THIS FILM is now the series.

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Keep in mind, by "successful" I don't mean "good."  We're tallking over $300 million to begin with.  Will the sequel happen?  If you see the movie, you'll probably know the answer to that.  We'll have our review Friday.

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Hell yeah.  This movie absolutely rocks! Scored two free tickets the other night (Wednesday night, to be precise) and friggen loved it! It was just what it needed.  I thought the characters were spot on, the action was awsome, the resetting/revamp/retconning was very well handled (Guess Spock has some similiarities and something in common with Superman now ;-).  For me, this was outstanding and better than I hoped.  If they're smart, they can do wonders from here and move forward with the kick in the pants it got from this revamp flick.  Visuals were awsome, had some of the oldschool sound effects with the upgraded look but still retro future.  Totally loved it, and Spock, that ole houndog, who'd have thought, him and Uh........

I give this 4.5/5!

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You can bet I will see it !
But I will see Wolverine too and don't care about what movie dominae the other.
By the way, I'm very cautious about J.J. 'cause when he's doin' Mission impossible III, he was not really successful, so I reserve my Judgement.

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Lady Tlieso said:
"I really want to see it even more than Wolverine, probably why I havn;t seen wolvie yet. It looks like it;s going to be a really great movie & they have some amazing actors."

this was pretty much what i was going to say ;-)

as a fan, not a trekkie i think it looks awesome, but i can see the Trekkies having issues with it
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i think it really will be successful

from what i've seen of it so far, it's bringing new life into the Star Trek franchise...

while i am a big Trek fan already, my GF isn't... bu even she's excited about seeing this movie after seeing some of the trailers.

To be honest, i think this movie will attract a lot of new fans as well as a lot of the older ones, it has the 'new life' going for it, but also has recognisable characters and enough backstory / future story to grab everyone

i'll definitely be queuing up to see this one, and will post a full rewiew asap


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It's much better than Wolverine. SO much better.

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It was really good, like much better than I thought it would be.

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It's looking like the soonest I'll get to see it is tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night, but I'm going to try to get a group together to go see it...In a perfect economy, I would see it three times like I did Iron Man last year if it's outstanding...those days are probably gone forever for good...I have a feeling I will like it and enjoy it. I liked Wolverine, and I wasn't a true, die-hard fan of the character. I've read where some reviewers are comparing it to Raiders of the Lost Ark...

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It should be just fine!

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Went to the screening... i loved it!

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Star Trek has a large fanbase already. You have old dudes going, teens who love movies, and a new refreshing look of what space is about. My bets are that it'll crush Wolverine. I hope it does and it should. People will grow interest into Star Trek.

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Well seeing it is how long the fu#king lines are at the Theaters... I think the film will do reasonabily well...

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I bet it will be good.Pretty good at best and moderate at worst.

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$7 million made so far.  Our review is coming very very shortly.


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