What Will Happen In The Star Trek Sequel?

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Star Trek was a hit.  It made $75.2 million in its opening weekend.  The reviews have been pretty favorable by most.  I have seen some people nit-picking about minor details but I think people are happy.  Before the movie was even released, it was announced that Paramount had already greenlighted a sequel.  The pain with the first movie in a franchise is that you have to set up the stories on all the characters.  Star Trek did have a lot of characters.  Even though we already "knew" them, we still had to learn where they were coming from.

The question is, what can a sequel bring us?  Those involved also have to bring us a story that we haven't already seen.  We don't need a simple rehash of previous stories.  But how can it be explained if things occur in a different fashion?

This is where the idea of an "alternate universe" comes in.  We've seen it happen with Eric Bana's character, Nero.  He (and Spock) changed the course of history for the characters that we knew.  This not only gave a story for the first movie but gave some freedom to the writers.  Alex Krutzman discussed this with MTV the other day.
One of the obstacles that we found ourselves butting up against [when we took on the job] was this idea that we already knew the fate of the characters.  If you're going to bring a whole new iteration of 'Trek' to life, you could never put them in any real danger — because you already know how they either died or lived. So, we felt like, all right, we have to find a way to make the future unpredictable, so whenever they're in these difficult, treacherous situations there truly is the risk of death.

So none of the characters are essentially "safe."  I like that.  It adds to the suspense of a good story.  It was also mentioned that they probably won't deal with time travel again any time soon.  The device that allowed it was destroyed.

Now we have to sit and wait for the next movie to come in order to see where these characters will boldly go.

Do you like the idea that the characters are all essentially 'starting over'?  Do you like the possibility that the characters can veer off the path of what they've done before?

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I like the idea of the timeline being changed and the Star Trek story "starting over". It would be lame to have them just copy the old storylines, plots , and etc. Now the possibilities are endless, you dont know if Spock will die 3 years into their mission (which would suck btw). Gotta love the unknown!

I'd like the next movie to be about a war with the Klingons....Warrior race vs Kirk and the Enterprise


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I want the next movie to be about Tribbles.

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The sequel will be about the crew finding ancient artifacts all around the galaxy and assembling them into a futuristic doomsday weapon...wait, that was Alias.

The crew gets marooned on a strange planet with many mystical properties and a hostile alien force that kidnaps people...no, that's Lost.

A giant sea monster crushes starfleet academy in San Fran?  Oh, yeah right...Cloverfield.

I don't know...Khan?

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i can say this A love Triangle will happen for sure

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csimon - not sure if I agree or not. I could see Uhura and Spock happening. Think about it - Spock's race has just been decimated, so eventually he will have to consider being a part of future generations. And together they wil have a (wait for it) black Vulcan - maybe Tuvok's father?

That would almost be a cool new direction to go in. None of the original crew had families - they were all distant or estranged. Conveniently off-camera. Next Generation introduced the concept of family.

As much as I would love to see Klingons...I would love to see something new - like the Enterprise battling ...Klingons. Yeah, I know I want something familiar - but new and with a twist... 

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I would love to see Klingons go up against Captain Kirk and The Enterprise in the next movie...
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I dunno if a war with the Klingons is the next step. Maybe a war between Klingons and Romulans and the Federation needs to get involved but can see both sides of the argument.

What if Nero left some future techology for the Romulan empire and Klingons and Humans need to work together much earlier. Kirk becoming friends with Klingons rather than enemies? Perhaps the Klingons or Romulans find the Botany Bay and Khan's supermen and decide to use them against the Federation. Those Borg from the future that arrived in First Contact and became reactivated in Enterprise maybe with the state of the Klingon and Federation fleets after Nero they decide to make a play for the Alpha Quadrant....okay that one might require people to know too much about First Contact and Enterprise.

I also think now's the perfect time for a Starfleet Academy series based in the new continuity set at the same time as the new Star Trek movies.

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I'm 15 and and never saw the old show and when I saw this movie I loved it! cool action, funny, (Green Girls), and I would love to see another :D

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I'm still reeling from the fact that the movie was so great!

You guys sure like to think ahead

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Media_Master said:
"I'm still reeling from the fact that the movie was so great!You guys sure like to think ahead"
Well the future's where it's at :D
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Face it - War Killer is Star Trek's target audience. I'm okay with that - I've totally, completely and thoroughly enjoyed Star Trek - TOS, TNG and some of the other versions - even Enterprise had it's good moments early on. Saw the shows, read the comics, the paperbacks - even read the fan-fiction paperbacks - and some of them were pretty good! Like Shatner said at the end of one of the movies once - straight ahead toward that star and hang a left - let's see what's out there!  

Move aside geezers, and let the adventures begin again!
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Personally I don't think Khan should be the focus of the second movie but more of a bit player. Maybe just a small cameo along with a couple minor events that will set him for the third possibly the fourth installment. I agree with everyone on the Klingon bandwagon. They should establish the relationship between Kirk and those "Damn Klingon Bastards" early on.

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I have no idea but I know it will be cool.

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have a rogue starfleet captain go and mess stuff up! start a war and Kirk has to bring down the rouge captain and his crew. Also he has to stop the war

I would like to see kirk take on like 3 or ships at once to kinda show how great of captain hes ment to be

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I dont know if this has been said yet bet after a couple of movies focusing on the original crew i would like to see how much of this time line has changed...basiclly i want to see how the TNG (my favorite sires) has been changed and see if there is a different event that brings the crew together...but i dont know if im that interested in what happens to DS9 or Voyager in that timeline

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Did anyone read the Star Trek Countdown comic?

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It'd be good if there was a remake of the Wrath of Khan. Because it's an alternate reality, Khan could fight Kirk before he's an admiral

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If anything happens next movie. I think that Sulu should be re-casted with James Kyson Lee who plays Ando in Heroes. He was thinking of doing it for this film but Heroes didn't want him to. Hopefully (if John Cho is re-casted) James will manage to be Hikaru Sulu.

You know how Spock was in this movie (Leonard Nimoy). What if William Shatner also joined the next one, or George Takei as Sulu.

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I never watched the old show, so anything will be new to me, I loved this move and am looking forward to what comes next

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as someone who never had any connection to Star Trek I loved the movie and now can't wait for the sequel to come

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