Star Trek Barbie Dolls?!?

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I guess it happen.  Mattel often puts out these collectible Barbie Dolls.  Now its Star Trek's turn.  Looks like we'll see Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Uhura.  Wonder if any others will be made.  What about Barbie's Dream Enterprise?

CBS Consumer Products has just released images of the eagerly anticipated Star Trek Barbie Dolls from Mattel.  The dolls have been created mainly for collectors and are for ages 6+.  The three dolls - Kirk, Spock, and Lieutenant Uhura - are modeled after the three actors playing the same roles in this summer's blockbuster film STAR TREK hitting theatres on May 8th!

The price point for the three dolls is $43.19. They will be on shelves April 20th.  Mattel is distributing to Walmart and, and Barbie collector dealers. They are selling them as an assortment (but the dolls come individually wrapped, no two or three-packs). Select international markets will have the dolls as well (but no specific dates or info. on that yet).

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The question I have is this:  Is Lt. Uhura anatomically correct? 


They managed to make Spock and Kirk look rather effeminate.  Eeewww....

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What The Hell Is This ?
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King Saturn said:
"What The Hell Is This ?
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Puck said:


Who is that in your Avatar ?
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oh yay. every kid should have an anorexic uhura, and a femmine looking spock and kirk to play with!

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