James Robinson in DC Relaunch

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Ok, so I've been reading James Robinson's work for a long time, everything from Starman to his current run of JLA. I got that "New 52" preview book today, and was distressed find that not only is he no longer writing JLA (being replaced by Geoff Johns), but he seems to not be penning anything in the relaunch.  So what I'm wondering is is this true? is James Robinson not writing anything in the DC relaunch? 
And before someone brings it up, yes I'm well aware that "cry for justice" is one of the reasons the DC universe needs a relaunch in the first place. It's crap, pure and simple. But it's really the only black mark on his record, a huge black mark but just one ( ok, that and Comic Book Villains but we won't talk about that, that's a whole other thread)

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@redrabbit: He's writing the Shade miniseries.

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:D oh dude! I totally forgot about that. Thanks, that puts my mind at ease 

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@redrabbit: ^_^


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And There's also the rumor that he's going to do JSA with Nicola Scott.

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@Roldan: Heard that rumor, too. Hopefully it's true, and hopefully it's the good James Robinson.
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Would love to see Robinson taking the Golden Age again

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I like toffee apples

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Earth 2 seem s to shaping up well,I bet you're happy about that :) Interesting :) 10

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