Commissioner Gordon Costume

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just went day after halloween to buy all this stuff half off. I also have a Gotham Police t-shirt for when he's not wearing the trench-coat (aka a hot day at a con lol) 

that thing on his head is a grey wide-brimmed fadora lol. he needs a haircut, and i need to make myself look old, and thats it. I also want to get the swat-ish gear he wears when he takes down joker in the dark knight. maybe ill go airsofting as commissioner gordon  lmao! 
pricelist -  
trenchcoat - ebay $30 
button up shirt - walmart? $?? 
tie - kholes $12 
vest - kholes $14 (sale) 
slacks (not seen in pic) - Gap $10 
gotham police shirt - Lonestar Comics $18 
mustache - spirit halloween (nov 1st sale) $3 
glasses - spirit halloween $5 
wig - halloween express $5 
badge - spirit halloween $1 
shoulder gun holster - spirit halloween $7 
belt - kholes $12 
boots - ?? $?? 
all i need now are some leather gloves and done.
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