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A simple bouncer who notices one of his fellow workers stealing money from patrons, he is quick to notice his suspicious behavior and apprehends the thief outside in an alley. Not long after knocking the petty criminal down to the ground, waiting for police to arrive, he is approached by world renown and famed detective Catherine Allingham. The two briefly talk about how he caught out the robber he had just neutralized, with Cat being impressed with how he rationed and reasoned and saw though deception. She offered him a job, and as he was dissatisfied with his job as a bouncer, he accepted.  


James Dolye is a Boom! Studios comic book character, created by writer Mark Waid and artist Minck Oosterveer. James first appearance is in The Unknown #1 released in 2009. Speaking of his character and his interaction with lead protagonist Catherine, creator Mark Waid explains "she’s the Sherlock Holmes of the 21st Century and she specializes in debunking the mythic...the mystical stuff...because it’s all about science to her. He is the ‘Watson’, if you will, he’s the assistant—and the big brawny guy. He gets the job as her assistant". 

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