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Character History

James Cooper lived in a gang ridden part of New York City. He is a very intelligent child and was abducted by the Psycho Crew at his school science fair. The gang abducted him to make a nuclear bomb. James tried to refuse but he was beaten and his mother Melinda Cooper and little brother were murdered arbitrarily.  
Not knowing his family was dead he gave in to the beatings and started to make the bomb. He was eventually saved by Huntress and Tony Angelo, but his family was still dead and he went to an orphanage.  
James escaped the orphanage and wondered the city homeless. As he roamed he went to his old home and got things that were important to him. He also saw gangs taking control of everything in the city. Fed up, he went on a one man war against the criminals that were in control. He built bombs all over the city where he knew the gang members would be. The destruction caused the gangs to go to war together and they killed even more of each other. This continued until a man named Rage was sent from Gotham to unite the gangs.
Batman and Huntress tried to stop Rage but first they had to find James. The clue Batman used was the silly putty that was found in the explosives. This clue led them to believe it was a child and Huntress knew James had the ability to make those kind of bombs. The two then set out to find James and eventually found him living in the sewer system of New York City.

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