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James Bond, 007, and Alec Trevelyan, 006, infiltrate a weapons factory at the ominously named Arkangel. There, whilst attempting to sabotage Russian weapons development, things go drastically wrong, and 006 is killed, whilst Bond escapes in a plane.

Nine years later, Bond encounters the glamorous Xenia Onatopp whilst driving in the hills above Monte Carlo, and a dramatic, thrilling race ensues, though Onatopp wins. Later, Bond returns the 'favour' by defeating her at baccarat, and tries to charm her in his usual manner. She declines, revealing she is already in the company of an Admiral from the Canadian Navy.

However, Onatopp is not merely accompanying the Admiral because she enjoys pulling rank - Whilst making love to the Admiral, she crushes him to death with her thighs, acheiving orgasm in the process. Meanwhile, Bond is informed of some of the lethal woman's past in the KGB.

The next day, Xenia astonishingly accompanies the same Admiral to the unveiling of the Tiger Helicopter, only to steal it from under the noses of all gathered.

We next meet Natalya Federova and Boris Grishenko, two programmers at Severnaya, a Russian Weapons facility. Engaging in a playful bout of insulting Natalya, Boris leaves for a cigarette, just as Onatopp and General Arkady Ouromov - the man who was in charge of the facility 007 and 006 sabotaged - arrive.

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