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James "Biggles" Bigglesworth was born in India, in May of 1899. He spent holidays in England, and schooled there before World War I. Biggles joined the Rifle Regiment in 1916, but soon transfered to the RFC and learned to fly. Eventually, he was posted in France, flying several planes, including the famous sopwith camel.

When The Great War ended, Biggles became a freelance charter pilot, until WWII broke out. Biggles was made a commanding officer of an RAF squadron, and was given specific missions to carry out around the world. He also fought in the famed, Battle of Britain, in which aircraft were essential to the British victory.


Biggles has appeared in nearly every media outlet. He made his start in novels, aimed at younger adults and children. Eventually, he found his way into comics, TV series, and even had his own movie, Biggles: Adventures in Time.

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