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Thanks to a radiation suit designed by her parents, young Ansam not only survives the catastrophic Dimondona nuclear blast at the end of the 55 Year War (a war that was waged in the Middle East for 55 years), but gains super powers as well. Eventually she learns how to harness her excessive strength, assuming the identity of Jalila, the "protector of the City of All Faiths". She dedicates her life to protect the City, either as Dr.Ansam the nuclear scientist, or as Jalila, the powerful superheroine.

As Ansam, she is constantly striving to complete her parents work of devising a protective shield for the City of All Faiths. As Jalila, she faces two evil forces: the United Liberation Force and the Xenox Brigade who are continuously clashing and conspiring to gain sole control of the city. Resolute to achieve her cause, decisive in accomplishing her mission, and persuasive in putting her message through, Jalila is a living proof that looks can be very deceiving.

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