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Conforting Erick

Jakob Eisenhardt had been a soldier in the Germany army and decorated many times for valor during World War I. He was very kind with his family, trying to encourage them in order to mantain hope. He made to jokes to relieve the tension, he was the bastion to his family. After the war he married and obtained a job working for the government. However, when the Nazi's rose to power, the Jewish Jakob lost his job and his family was forced to fleee Germany to Poland. At each stage, Jakob submitted quietly, faithful that the Germany he had served would turn back from the tide of bigotry. Each time he was disappointed and further beaten down. In the end he was shot by German soldiers when they were captured trying to escape from Warsaw.

Note: Jakob Eisenhardt first appeared unnamed in a flashback in New Mutants 49, but first appeared named and fully seen in X-men: Magneto Testament issue 1.

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