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Jake Siko was onboard ship when his father and the rest of the crew were in battle at Wolf 359.  It is at this battle that Jake looses him mother, Jennifer Sisko.  Jake is only a young child at this time follows his father back to Earth and lives there for a few years before his father Benjamin Sisko is restationed at Deep Space Nine.


Jake was created for the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  There is almost always an attempt to make each Captain unique in each series.  Jake made Ben Sisko the first Captain to have a family as Christopher Pike, James Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard were married to their ships.  This made Ben Siko's character very different, and his character as a father humanised him in a way that was unique in the Star trek universe.  

Character Evolution 

Jake just before DS9
Jake was just an average kid in many ways but due to his father's influence on his life Jake grew up to be a good young man.  One notable example of this was when he taught his friend Nog to read.  Nog had been forbidden by his father to attended school.  So Jake took it upon himself to teach Nog to read.
As Jake grew up he did not want to follow in his father's footsteps.  He wanted to become a writer.  This was a little dissapointing to his father but in the end he really understood and encouraged his son.  When Benjamin married Kassidy Yates, Jake was a young man but he was part of a full family again.  This didn't last long as his father left and stayed with the prophets in the wormhole.

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