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Current Events

Jade remains missing with the walls of the Morning Glories Academy, although her friends are looking hard for her. Casey Blevins has gone to the extreme of running for class president solely so that she can have the chance to talk with the headmaster, and Ike has decided to help Casey as he realizes that he has developed feelings for Jade.


Jade is a sad and introverted girl from Des Moines, Iowa. She left her home for the Morning Glory Academy, where she had a stalker like crush on a teacher named Marcus. Her abilities are still unknown, but she seems to have contact with an alternate reality when she is unconscious in the real world through being sleeping, being drugged or dying. In this realm, Jade is able to make contact with her future self.

Since arriving at the Academy, her family seems to no longer have any idea who she is. Due to her solitary nature, this rejection by her family drove the already unstable Jade into a state of depression, which almost cost her life. Although prone to depression, she is a still a competent member of the core group of recruited students to the Morning Glory Academy in the focused year. She maintains a close relationship with Casey, who has saved Jade on numerous occasions at great risk to herself. She also despises Ike, and like Casey, has used Ike's attraction towards her to get him to perform actions that he normally wouldn't in times of crisis.

Her time spent in medical isolation is one of the key points in the series, as few return from the experience, and she saw and witnessed things there which help to unlock events as they transpire.

Like all students at the Morning Glory Academy, she is mentally gifted.

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