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Jad is the son of Meridian's militia leader Jon Takarty. Jad and Sephie, daughter of Meridian's Minister grew up together, and are best friends. When Turos, Sephie's father is killed, and Ilahn of Cadador's army later invades his home, Jad is forced to leave his home and flee to safety.

Jad's heart wishes to go after Sephie, but his responsibility to his family and his fellow citizens overcomes his personal desires. Like most Meridianites, Jad knows his way around an air ship, but he is an expert sailor, and somewhat cocky and overconfident in his abilities. Because of this, Jad asks for and is given the bell ship, or guide ship duties as the Meridianite refugees look for a new home. Their search for a rumored island leads them into an incredibly dangerous area of Demetria, a section of the skies littered with thousands of floating islets. It takes all of Jad's considerable skill, along with the help of Feabie, another childhood friend, to navigate the treacherous skies and discover their new home, Hesperia.

After the refugees gain a semblance of peace and order, Jad sees his father, Jon, remarry and find increased happiness for the first time in years. Rumors have reached Hesperia that Sephie has fallen to her death, and so Jon Takarty unwillingly takes the reigns of leadership over the colony. Jad, however, does not believe the rumors, and is soon proven correct when the Muse of Giatan appears to the citizens of Hesperia and informs them that Sephie is not dead, only lost. In a moment of shock, the Muse inform Jad that he is the one who must find her. It is his destiny.

Jad and Feabie depart Hesperia on the search for Sephie. They eventually catch up with Sephie, and join her Pirates of the Wind. Jad becomes a complication for Sephie as her feeling for him distract her from her mission. Jad is warned by Deren Beq and the crew that he had better do his best to lessen the distraction, because her mission is far more important to the world than their feelings for one another. Crenner of Anheim is also jealous, but he never acts on his jealousy.

After the fall of Torbel, Sephie finally realizes that her care and concern for Jad has made her act less decisively. Sephie decides to part ways with Jad, asking him to pilot a captured ship back to Meridian, and then stay there as she continues her quest. Though angry and hurt, Jad complies with her wishes, rejoining the underground rebellion against the Cadadorian occupation of Meridian.

Among the refugees of Torbel taken in by Meridian is the consort of Ilahn, Reesha Teramu. Jad is immediately suspicious of her, and his concern eventually bears fruit when the woman finally reveals the truth about herself. While a battle to the death ensues on the surface of Meridian between Ilahn and Sephie, Jad, Reesha and the other rebels and Torbelites make their way through the honeycomb of tunnels beneath the city. When confronted by a massive cave bear, Jad tries to distract the beast long enough for the others to get away. Jad is mortally wounded by the animal, but is miraculously healed and begins to exhibit powers akin to Sephie. The cave bear goes down in short order.

Before Jad can complete his next though, his attack from behind be Reesha, receiving a full force bolt of her lightning. Jad battles the woman briefly, allowing the refugees to escape before the cavern collapses on them from the unleashed fury of their attacks. When the cavern does fall, it breaks through the bottom of Meridian, sending Jad and Reesha plummeting toward the planets surface. Reesha escapes by calling on her benefactor, Rhorf, but Jad is not as fortunate, and he falls to the ocean below.

After being rescued by a poor island fishing village, Jad makes a slow but steady recovery. The powers he somehow received from Sephie have disappeared, likely used up keeping him alive during his plunge from the skies. The fishing village owns only one airship, a small craft capable of carrying only two people at a time. The village's livelihood depends on the little boat, carrying their meager catches of fish to sell in the markets.

The tiny village is plagued by a giant mutated fish-like animal that patrols the local waters, making escape from the village by any means but by airship impossible. Jad strikes a deal with the village's leader. If he can successfully rid the village of the monster, they will give him the airship when it returns so he can return to Meridian. Jad takes the next few weeks studying the creatures habits, then launches his plan against the beast. Making his way into the monster's lair, he is swallowed by the thing, and the villagers believe him dead. Moments later, Jad cuts his way out of the monster's belly, killing it and delivering on his part of the bargain. Jad is given the boat and returns to Meridian.

Jad learns that Sephie has again departed Meridian. Now that Ilahn has been defeated, Jad believes he can return to Sephie's side and makes plans to do so. Jad's father and Regent, Jon, tells him that he has responsibilities on Meridian and cannot leave. Jad sneaks away anyway with Feabie in tow.

They make their way to Sephie's last known location, the island of Cadador. Not knowing the real political situation on the island, the pair are discovered and identified by Jad's nemesis, Reesha Teramu. Jad is seized by the Cadadorian authorities, and thrown in prison.

After receiving a beating by the prison guards—after he cockily mouths off to them—Feabie makes a rescue attempt. The attempt nearly fails when Feabie is discovered in Jad's cell by a Cadadorian soldier. This soldier turns out to be Brehn, a former Meridian who had been banished for some crime in his past. As part of his redemption and proof of the change in his character, Brehn has aided the Meridianites from inside the Cadadorian army once before. He does so again by aiding Jad and Feabie in their escape from the prison.

Feabie, who has been in love with Jad all this time, has finally had enough of his overarching concern for Sephie. As they are leaving the prison, Feabie abandons him and leaves in the company of Brehn, telling him to leave and go find Sephie. Before he can make good his escape, Jad is discovered by Reesha, only to reveal to Feabie that she is actually a citizen of Cadador and that she belongs and is welcome. Reesha takes Jad captive.

Jad is in the next moment whisked away by Ilahn during his final confrontation with Sephie. Ilahn and Reesha intend to use Jad as a human shield, believing Sephie would avoid harming Jad at all costs. Sephie is attacked from behind by Ilahn, and then Jad goads Reesha into joining the battle. Jad escapes from harm, and helps Sephie by distracting Reesha, who is subsequently killed by Ilahn. Ilahn is defeated, and teleports away to save himself and try to regain his power.

Jad is next seen saying goodbye to Sephie. Jad and the remaining Pirates of the Wind watch as Sephie literally flies off into the sunset, ostensibly to fight in the upcoming war for the fate of the universe.

Note on CrossGen Comics

Meridian was one of the few CrossGen comics titles to come fully to a close before the company went bankrupt and ceased publishing. It is believed that Sephie would have played a major role in the Negation War title if the company had survived. The final fate of the Jad Takarty remains unknown.

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