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Jacobson is a werewolf chieftain who, along with a hand full of werewolves hunted down Zechariah, for crimes unknown ti Wolf-Man, they first crossed paths after Wolf-Man had successfully stopped Thrill Kill from making a getaway along with killing a hostage, Jacobson was unaware that Zechariah was protected by an Elder Brood, which at the time was a new term to Wolf-Man. He and his werewolves were defeated by the duo, but vowed to return and this time prepared for the Elder Brood, Wolf-Man. The next night while on patrol Jacobson had sent out two werewolves to ambush Wolf-Man, as they arrived they had witnessed the power of Wolf-Man when being strangled and forcefully breaking the strangler werewolf's neck.

Jacobson had explained to Wolf-Man that Zechariah had been keeping secrets from him, about the name Elder Brood and gave Wolf-Man a choice, reveal Zechariah's location or death. Wolf-Man refused, leading Jacobson to attack with all his werewolves as one attack force, during the beating Wolf-Man was given, Jacobson explained that there will be a time when he will never succumb to such a beating, and would dispatch them with ease, but it wasn't that time, Jacobson drove his claw through Wolf-Man's armor and chest leaving a large gaping hole through his abdomen.

Jacobson asked a final time where the vampire was, then explained that if only he would've known the crimes Zechariah had done to Jacobson, then he wouldn't protect him, Wolf-Man would kill him for Jacobson. Gary, beaten and half dead, asked what Zechariah had done, when the vampire himself arrived to the scene to protect Gary so he could transform to human form, healing all the wounds, then take wolf form again. After that, Jacobson revealed that Zechariah's lust for blood will drive him to do whatever he can to drink blood, and keep himself alive. He also revealed that if he were to drink the blood of a werewolf would sustain him for months, but would be next to impossible to drink that blood, because werewolves work and live in packs. Which lead Jacobson to reveal that if the blood of a werewolf child, something defenseless and cannot fight for itself, the blood could be easily drained from the body.

Jacobson's point lead to Zechariah drinking the blood of the chieftain's infant daughter, still a child when laid to rest by the hands of the vampire. Zechariah admitted to Wolf-Man that he did commit the murder, but also said that it was an accident, Wolf-Man began to grow enraged at the horrible act and asked questions of his own, Jacobson explained that they had been hunting him for years then explained why would Zechariah seek Gary out, to train him, mentor him, or use Wolf-Man for protection against others. After that Wolf-Man "killed" Zechariah in front of Jacobson and his hunting party. Wolf-Man told the werewolves not to take the head of the decapitated vampire and would have to tell the tribe that the vampire had been slain. Jacobson agreed and left the scene, no longer hunting the Elder Brood.

Months later, the tribe Jacobson lead had caught the scent of an Elder Brood, knowing it was the very elder who they serve through fear, that moment, The Elder arrived to his tribe, instructing him to gather their brothers and sisters, the time had come for a new age of werewolves, called The Gathering. It wasn't long until The Elder had sent Jacobson and all his werewolves after Wolf-Man, they attacked his home surrounding him and Mecha-Maid, Jacobson had come to know Wolf-Man as an honorable man avenging the death of his daughter, but was ordered to kill him, by The Elder, because he had been marked. It wasn't Jacobson's place to question The Elder and had begun the attack leading to the death of Dunford, Wolf-Man's closest friend.

It didn't take much effort for Wolf-Man to kill the werewolves, nor for his friends, allies and his own daughter Chloe, aka Vampire Girl, Jacobson ordered a retreat, with more than half of Jacobson's werewolves dead in Wolf-Man's home, he, and his surviving werewolves, began to lurk in the shadows watching Wolf-Man, after witnessing the potential Elder Brood's refusal to fight The Eider, they had laid silent awaiting for Wolf-Man's hour of time to begin. Finally the time had come, The Elder arrived onto the battle scene between Wolf-Man and Zechariah, Jacobson and the entire Wolf Nation arrived to make sure nothing will interrupt the Challenge of the Elder Broods. Jacobson watched in amazement to see The Eider brought down by his successor Wolf-Man, now pledging allegiance to the new Elder Brood, Wolf-Man.

Jacobson had become Gary's right hand man awaiting for his new Elder's order, it was then when Wolf-Man, along with Gray Wolf, lead the platoon of werewolves now called WolfCorps. They were last seen battling the smaller reaniments of the behemoth Gorgg.

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