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Brief History

In 1915 Sir Waltham Pierce invites Esau Shaw to join the Hellfire Club. His brother Jacob is incredibly envious of this. Nathaniel Essex approaches Jacob while walking one night. Essex convinces Jacob to follow him back to his home. When they arrive Nathaniel Essex reveals himself as Mister Sinister. He injects Jacob will liquid that allows him to shapeshift.

In the guise of Sir Waltham Pierce he murders his brother in order to take his place. He also decides to kill pierce and takes on the form a woman to carry out the murder. Before he can however Union Jack(A friend of his brother's in his civilian identity) appears and attempts to arrest Sir Waltham Pierce. Jacob shoots at the Union Jack and jumps out the window and flees to the woods. Union could have sworn the woman he saw was Jacob.

Jacob eventually ended up poverty stricken in America, he had one son and later died of old age.

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