Who is Jackpot???

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What are her powers how strong is she? And the page on ComicVine is confusing they have to separate people together in the same page. Alana Jobson and Sara Ehret who is the actual superhero with the superpowers, and Alana is someone who took the identity of Sara to be super I guess. But also that now Sara Ehret is going by the name Alana Jobson because of complications and that the real Alana is dead. So shouldn't their be a separate page for this very confusing stories and characters? 
         Alana Jobson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sara Ehret

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How strong are they and what are their powers and back stories, should they be separated into different pages or clumped together, like the Robin threads; different incarnations.

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@mgrman5: Sara Ehret, the original was working for a pharmaceutical company on a wonder drug when she accidentley injecting one of the samples into herself.She was gifted with super strength sufficient enough to lift a large piece of debri that almost crushed her family. She trained with the Initiative but quit the hero scene shortly after her identity was discovered by Alana .she gave her the identity because she didn't want to be a hero anymore.
Alana was a big fan of heroes and jumped at the chance to be one. not having any super human powers she used mutant growth hormones to give her super strength and agility.She was strong enough to fight a super skrull with the powers of the sinister six.Eventually the MGH in her blood was mixed in with the blindness inducing chemicals of the villain Blindspot and killed her.
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Oh thanks a bunch for the info do you know how strong are the characters, physically. Like how much can they lift in tons.    

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@mgrman5: Not as much as Spider man so i'd have to say about 5-10 tons.

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