What is this ???

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ok now i have never read the comic or have i played the game but when ever i see a picture of the drakness jackie is always in some kind of suit so if someone could tell what it is i would be gratful.And the piture above is what i am talking about.

#2 Posted by maikkywin (103 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was a form of his darkness or w/e .

I have never read or played any darkness games, I just watched a trailer .

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That's sorta his battle suit in the comics.

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@Mekboy: so when he is in an all out fight the darkness just makes it to protect him.

#6 Posted by Mekboy (1358 posts) - - Show Bio

@Z3RO180: Yeah. But he only uses it on tough opponents on not regular humans with a gun etc.

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