What is the Darkness?

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I have read a few of the Darkness comics, But what exactually is it? Is it a demon or some kind of shadow being? What is Jackie bonded to?
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It's one of Three primal forces of the universe. The Darkness being The force of chaos and creation the witchblade is balance, and the angelus order.

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@fallen reptile:  The Darkness is a primordial abstract sentient entity that is the embodiement of chaos, darkness and all the permutation therein of these concepts. It was created by God when he uttered the words "Let there be Light" creating the Darknesse's opposite in the process, the Angelus whom represents order and Light.
The Witchblade, also called the Balance is the Offspring of the Darkness and the Angelus, created at the dawn of the Ages when they came to a temporary truce and mated to create it to serve as a balance between them and present the world from being destroyed by the war between them.

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