Its a shame Jackie doesnt get much attention

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The last post was 4 months ago. So lets start some discussion. What do you guys think about the current story so far?

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Havent been able to get the latest story yet! Lack of work is making collecting difficult! But I will catch up eventually and Ive loved most of the story lines do far!

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Which series and issues would you guys say are the best for Jackie? 
I was maybe looking into checking some out and would like to start out in a good arc =)

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Honestly read the whole thing. Vol 1 2 and 3 are all good in their own right, but if you dont want to read that much i suggest you start with volume 3. Its the best The Darkness has ever been. Amazing art and story. It starts at issues 76 and has been collected in several tpbs named Darkness Accursed and theyre up to issue 95 and vol 5 of the tpbs.

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i have only read the first compendium and played the video game, i also read all of artifacts, first born, and broken trinity, is any of the new stuff good?

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it is, i've tried to get other people to read it. and those who have, loved it =)

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I just got onto it

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I like where they're putting him right now. The post artifacts crossover universe is good.

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