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I don't know a whole lot about this character. Should we keep the page as Jackie Estacado or should he be listed as The Darkness? Darkness? Just seems kinda weird listing News items under "Jackie Estacado." I don't think the average person would know who that is but would probably recognize Darkness.

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The Darkness is the same thing as the Witchblade (well the witchblade is its son so yeah)... I guess technically you should have one for The Darkness and Jackie.

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I get that Jackie is a dude and is involved in some gangster stuff or something. Like I said, I haven't read it. I was just really surprised there was no Darkness page. Anyone want to do one or should I just change Jackie's page?

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I'll do it.

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I think it should be The Darkness and Jackie should be the main section, like the Venom page.

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Okay looks like it's up to you two to battle it out. Makes no difference to me. Are there other "Darknesses" like with Witchblade? Maybe just having a Darkness page would be better? If you did a search on Jackie, it'd still come up since his name is attached.

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Yeah it's just whatevers, doesn't really matter to me. Just thought Red Lamp liked to have a mantle and a secret identity page. But if you do change jackie to the Darkness.. reject my sub lol.

Oh yeah and the Darkness does have other wielders but nothings been mentioned about them I think.
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If the mantle was getting passed on regularly or if other wielders had some awesome tales that deserved a whole page, I could see it, but it's really all about Jackie.

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Personally I never really liked the idea of having a page for a mantle and a page for same person without the mantle.

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Yeah that seems confusing. Like I don't think there should be a Superman page and a Clark Kent page. All the info should be in the same spot. I guess I'll just change it. If, like Buckshot said, it was being passed around then maybe yeah. ALright.

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the darkness is passed on through the estacado blood line... as soon as he get's someone pregnant he drops dead, and the power goes into 'hibernation' untill the 21st birthday of the newborn child.

then it starts again...

as far as i am aware the power is only passedon through the male line, i don't believe there have been any female wielders of the darkness.

ZeroEDGE, can you clarify something for me... when was it 'retconed' that the witchblade was the darkness's child?

as far as i was aware, in the darkness / witchblade crossover (issue when the darkness and the witchblade were 'pulled' away from their hosts and givven to one person.) it was said that they were 2 peices of a larger power, and there were 3 more powers equal to that of the darkness and witchblade, they all had a common origin.

just wondering if i'd missed something somewhere about the 'relationship' between the powers?

also, other wielders of the darkness have been mentioned several times, Jackie's father for one was mentioned several times alsong with flashbacks about his enforcer days and a lot of the things he could do with the darkness were a lot more advanced than what Jackie could do. for example he could actually create 'life' with the darkness, or a shadow of life. he could bring 'women' out of the darkness for his 'pleasures' and be able to have sex with them with out worrying about getting them pregnant...

also mentioned was another wielder of the darkness, again by the name of estacado, who wieldedthe darkess back in the 1600's. it was a pirate story from what i can remember, i'll have to dig out the back issue for specifics though...


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Okay what's going on? I'm reading the Levels trade (not sure if it's been released yet in trade form). I looked at the Darkness page and there seems to be some inconsistencies. Like who it was that "adopted" him out of the orphanage, midnight of his 21st birthday, stuff that happens to Jenny. Is Levels in continuity? I know it has to do with the video game but what I'm reading and what we have here don't match. Retcon already?

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I don't think Levels is in the normal continuity

#15 Posted by G-Man (39793 posts) - - Show Bio does introduce (I think) Jackie's grandfather. I'm on the third issue. It's a good read. I had read issue five when it came out and didn't really know what was going on. Starting from the beginning makes it easier. Whoduthunk?

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I haven't read Levels personally but I heard it's pretty good. I think it was released to accompany the video game so there might be conflicting information between it and the original comic.

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I just found a thread on the Top Cow boards ( Co-creator David Wohl said, "History won't be erased, but it will be...adjusted."

So the question is, should the page be adjusted? Guess we can wait to see what NiteFly says since he wrote most of it. I haven't read a lot of Darkness stuff besides the recent crossovers. I'm trying to get up to date before the new series starts in December.

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I wish I had something to contribute to this thread, because I do like the Darkness, and I am interested in the new posts in this thread concerning the Darkness...

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There could be an "Original History" Then a "Current Continuity" or something like that so both histories can be there. Info lost/changed in retcons should be on the site too.

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Perhaps we could have a "History of this submission" tab or something, so we can see how things have been changed and maybe review them. For the Darkness, I'm with Buckshot, maybe add in a new section that says "Current"? I've been reading about Darkness, it seems like an interesting story, but I'm not sure I should pick it up or not.

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I thought about that too as I was about to go to bed. Guess it could be like an Ultimates thing. Maybe I'll try to get on that sometime.

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Glad you like it. So even though there's some mods now, I'm not just taking it easy. Always lots to do.

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roflol... love the interview :D


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lol, i'm sure you'll always bring us fun stuff like that :D

any chance of you getting an interview with Geoff Johns? i have a ton of questions i'd put to him


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The interview was an interesting read, it would be awesome to have continued insight into the business of comics and their creators.
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