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HYDRA engineer: Jackhammer

Jackhammer was a HYDRA engineer that helped build one of their secret headquarters when Silvermane was in charge. Silvermane and some of his HYDRA division specialist including El Jaguar, Blackwing, the Dreadnought, Mentallo and Man-Killer just captured Foggy Nelson, Daredevil and the Black Widow. Silvermane wanted to set a trap for Nick Fury and hope to crush SHIELD once their great leader was destroyed. Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Contessa Valentina Fontaine and several SHIELD agents were seen on the monitor walking into one of their warehouses laced with explosives. Silvermane activated a switch and the entire warehouse blew up. The bad guys believed they won and started to gloat when Foggy was able to free Daredevil and Tasha during the distraction. Nick Fury appeared unscathed and told Silvermane that they destroyed some Life Model Decoys in the warehouse. A fight ensued and Jackhammer appeared, blaming Daredevil for the destruction of his architectural wonder. Jackhammer attempted to crush the man without fear with his metal gauntlets but Daredevil made quick work of him with a single punch.


Jackhammer was created by Tony Isabella and Bob Brown in 1975 and first appeared in Daredevil # 123.

Story Arcs

Jackhammer is seen years later quarreling with Poundcakes on the streets during a date between Steve Rogers and Rachel Leighton. Poundcakes was upset that her wrestling superstar reputation would be tarnished if she let a two bit thug like Jackhammer hit on her in public. Steve Rogers wanted to intervene because of the property damage these two could cause but things got under control when several of Rachel's girlfriends from the Serpent Society decided to help. A limo stopped right in front of the ruckus and Anaconda appeared wearing a large trenchcoat. Anaconda grabbed the couple and took them into the limo where they got zapped by Asp.

Power Tools

Jackhammer would reappear with Buzz-Saw and Drill as members of the Power Tools. The Power Tools would come into conflict with Battlestar when he meets his former business manager named Ethan Thurm inside a cheap motel. Battlestar noticed that Jackhammer and the rest of the Power Tools had augmented strength but was forced to surrender when Jackhammer captured Ethan Thurm. The Power Tools placed their captives inside a van and took them to a warehouse in Los Angeles. Battlestar ended up shackled to adamantium cuffs in a room with other wrestlers including Red Zeppelin. The Power Tools were kidnapping former clients who went through the strength augmentation process provided by the Power Broker and Ethan Thurm was targeted because he had some wrestlers under his employ. Doctor Karl Malus was de-augmenting these subjects to help find a cure for Curtiss Jackson that was muscle bound and forced to wear a power harness. Battlestar's superhuman physique was taken away but he received some help from his partner, the US Agent when he discovered the hidden laboratory. Jackhammer and the rest of the Power Tools engaged the US Agent in battle but they were easily defeated.

Infinity War

Jackhammer later became a member of the Masters of Evil being led by Dr. Octopus who plotted to storm the Avengers Mansion. Many of the heroes on Earth were occupied because of the Infinity War that was taking place and Dr. Octopus wanted to invade the mansion so he can steal their advanced weaponry and machinery. The initial group of Dr. Octopus, Jackhammer, Titania, Absorbing Man, Powderkeg and Yellowjacket met resistance from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Jackhammer would engage Major Victory in battle but is taken down with a shield throw.

Union Jack: London Falling

New costume

Jackhammer would don a new costume and join a terrorist organization called RAID with other super criminals where they strategically strike numerous locations in London. Jackhammer, Jack O' Lantern and Shockwave cause some havoc inside the Thames Tunnel where they terrorize numerous civilians trying to flee from the carnage. Jackhammer stands above a subway car and starts pounding the wall above him until water starts gushing into the tunnels. Jack O' Lantern was afraid the wall was gonna collapse on them but Jackhammer reassured his teammate that he studied the tunnel's original construction to when it was reinforced years priors. Jackhammer kept pounding until more water started pouring in. Jackhammer would receive an unexpected surprise when a hand emerged from the water and grabbed his neck. Union Jack sprung out of the hole and knocked out Jackhammer with a left punch.

Powers & Abilities

Jackhammer has augmented strength and stamina. He also wears a suit equipped with two metal jackhammers attached to each wrist gauntlet. Jackhammer also has a Masters Degree in Engineering.

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