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Jack Tanner was an assassin for The Order, an enimgatic secret society toying in sado masochism, and other nefarious activities. He was killed outside of a sushi bar by Patrick after dining with his wife, Judy. As he lay dying in Judy's arms, she confessed to her husband that she dyed her hair. Prior to his murder, Jack left an envelope for his wife containing the address and key to a separate
 Jack And Judy Tanner
apartment that he maintained as The Extremist. Judy discovered his costume, in addition to a series of video cassette tapes chronicling his murders. This revelation shocked Judy, and made her hate her husband. However, she vowed to avenge his death, taking on the identity of The Extremist to hunt down his killers. She meets Patrick, Jack's sponsor in The Order, who offers to help her locate Jack's killers, in exchange for her services as The Extremist. It is later revealed that it was Patrick himself who had murdered Jack, after he threatened to reveal The Order's secrets to the public. This knowledge almost causes Judy to kill Patrick herself, but he reveals that by killing Jack, he was freeing her to fulfill her destiny. Judy finds it impossible to kill Patrick, and accepts her new role as The Extremist.  

Powers & Abilities

Jack Tanner possesses the size and strength of a man his age that engages in regular physical activity 


Jack wore a full-body black leather bondage suit that completely covered his face.   


Short Sword

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