amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters #1 - TPB review

The Once and Future King

In my previous blog, " Long Live the KING! ", I expressed my excitement about Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters #1. Although it was a single issue, this trade-paperback contains all 6 ISSUES of this adventurous JACK KIRBY story. After reading this story as a whole it reminded of STAR WARS + HOOK. For all you Jack Kirby fans out there, this book has everything you are looking for: science-fiction, adventure, and of course some resemblance to the King's artwork. We also see a previous JACK KIRBY concept, CAPTAIN VICTORY and his GALACTIC RANGERS, as they fit perfectly in this story as they were ORIGINALLY suppose to do back in the 80's (Captain Victory #7). I said it once and I'll say it again, "The King would be happy. Long live the King!"
The special features in this book are to die for; interviews with the creators, commentaries, and of course sneak peaks. If you also looked at my previous blog, " Waiting For the Last of Jack Kirby ", this will contain some of the ideas that we will be excepting to see at some point in the future. But towards the end of the book....a poster for JACK KIRBY'S GALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS VOL. 2, A SEQUEL!!! The sequel was said to go over origins and more. However, since this book was made 3yrs ago...nothing has been published yet...BUT that's why fan-fiction was formed.


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