amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters #1 - Capture: Ma Slugg/Destiny/Alien Mob/Illusions & Deceptions/Vanishing Act/Escape from Alphatraz/A Blast from the Past/The Basement of Secrets review

Long Live the KING!

 When I first found out about this comic book, I was blown away to whole new level! Despite that comic book legend Jack Kirby died for nearly 20 years now his legacy (both creations and children) live on. But for this creation...100% AWESOME! The art, the's all wonderful and because of it I have found my new favorite story as I hope to find issues 3 through 6 (I also bought #2) at any conventions and/or comic book retail stores in California of elsewhere. The King would be very proud that his daughter published obscured characters and concepts and it's hard to believe that they were meant for something else and were never published back in the 80's. I HIGHLY recommend that you buy this comic not only because it is/was a JACK KIRBY creation, but you'll love how it was brought up by the 21st century. LONG LIVE THE KING!


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