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The gods of New Genesis and Apokolips are recovering from the aftermath of the Infinity Man taking one of there own, and the quick battle between Kalibak and Orion. Orion feels anger toward the whole deal, for it was his lover, Valkyra, that the Infinity Man took, instead of himself. Metron informs Orion that it is not his destiny to be happy.

Elsewhere, Takion witnesses another foolish attempt of a being trying to break through the Source Wall, but, like all the others, he becomes part of the wall.

On Apokolips, Darkseid's Elite discuss Kalibak's idea to take on Orion in Darkseid's absence. As they are doing so, Tigra shows up to pursue her idea to deny that Orion is Darkseid's son.

Metron then travels to the Source Wall where Kalibak, along with some soldiers, attempt to free Darkseid. With the rumor that Orion is not Darkseid's son reaching his ears, Kalibak wants to achieve "his birthright". He successfully frees his father, but for his attempts, Darkseid places his son in his place saying how he'd come back for him when he is needed.

Darkseid orders Metron to tell the universe that he is back.

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