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The character called Jack Ketch appeared in the comic Miracleman which was produced by Eclipse Comics. He was created by Alan Moore and illustrated by Alan Davis.


In the time shortly after his battle with Miracleman the defeated Big Ben is shocked with what he see's in the Zarathustra bunker. Dismissing the truth and going further into his psychosis and rejects reality.In Big Ben’s version of events Jack Ketch and Owlwoman are colleagues from the Bulldog Brigade who arrive. Big Ben believes that Jack Ketch had told him how the red rogue had used a "brain beam" to make him to doubt his own identity. Big Ben allows Jack Ketch to place an ultra-vest which Owlwoman brings along from her mountain fortress which would drain off the harmful mind-clouding radiation.

This is not the case however as in reality. Jack Ketch and Owlwoman are actually doctors serving the British state and its secret superhuman testing and its classified infrastructure.They are not the teammates and fellow heroes that Big Ben imagines are using a ultra-vest to disperse the mind controlling agent in his system. However He and the other doctor are actually using a straight jacket to secure him. Big Ben's delusion makes him believe the male doctor is Jack Ketch in his mind.

Powers and Abilities

An apparent good combative and armed with a rope noose Jack Ketch made a striking figure. This however was not truly in existence as the man Big Ben imagined to be Jack Ketch was actually a plain, regular man.


Jack Ketch is actually a doctor in a white lab coat. His stethoscope dangling out of his pocket becomes a noose, dangling from Jack Ketch’s rope belt, green thigh high boots, a tan colored body suit, and a red hood is what he appears to be wearing in Big Ben's mind.

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