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Little is known about Jack-in-the-Box before he joined Dollmaker's Family, but once he joined the family Dollmaker made several modifications to Jack. Most notably every bone in his body has been altered to be more rubbery or replaced altogether with something more synthetic. Either way they are extremely strong. Also Dollmaker has made Jack immune to fear and pain. Finally for reasons unclear Dollmaker removed Jack's tongue


Jack-in-the-Box was created by Detective Comics writer/artist Tony Daniel.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Dollmaker

When Batman tracks Ray Quimby to the Taylor Street Imports abandon building he is attacked by the Dollmaker and his family. Batman is able to fend off most of the Family but Jack-in-the-Box is able to get on his back and wraps him up with he arms and costume. Batman can't fight him and the Dollmaker's family so he goes out the window with Jack still clinging on.

When they hit the ground Batman pushes the force onto Jack and knocks him for a loop. Batman then, gaining new strength, carries Jack away. Later Batman tries to beat information about James Gordon whereabouts out of Jack but soon learns that Jack has no tongue and can't tell him anything even if he wanted to.

Batman then leaves Jack for the authorities and heads off after the Dollmaker.

Powers and Abilities

He is extremely flexible and due to the Dollmaker's modifications he can withstand a beating with out breaking.

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