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Jack is part of the Seven, the premier super-team of the Boys' world, and alike the other members, he is a celebrity with superpowers, rather than a conventional superhero. Jack lacks the worst excesses of peers, as he isn't known to have killed anyone or committed any sex crimes, though he was cavalier about A-Train's attempt to rape Starlight. Personality-wise, Jack is shallow, obnoxious and without ambition, and only seems interested in pursuing a very decadent life-style. He is seen a largely unimportant by his teammates, his corporate sponsors and his enemies, the Boys. He took A-Train under his wing to an extent, giving him some guidance on how life is for the Seven, though A-Train isn't particularly grateful for this.

Along with the rest of the Seven, Jack was part of the botched attempt to prevent a terrorist attack on September the 11th. He lost his nerve and fled, further upsetting the team's flimsy and disastrous plan.


Jack is capable of flight, and by saying the word "Carpo", he is granted an exceptional level of superhuman invulnerability. He doesn't remain in his invulnerable form permanently as initiating it is painful.

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