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The monster is based on the same character as envisaged by Lewis Carroll. This version was routinely exchanging an extended life to Charles Dodgson for sacrifices. These sacrifices often came from the Liddle family.


The monster first appeared in the introductory issue to Beyond Wonderland.

Character Evolution

As opposed to the literary character, the Jabberwocky acts as a constant force of evil, but one that is constantly working its schemes. This means that it does undergo some character development, but mostly in the form of different aspects of evil planning.

Major Story Arcs

The character has been part of the Wonderland based Grimm Fairy Tales stories. It first appeared in Beyond Wonderland, but was the main enemy of Calie Liddle in the Escape from Wonderland series. Later a prequel was told with Alice Liddle titled Alice in Wonderland.

Powers and Abilities

It is a being of great physical power as well as magical power.

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