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It's Almost Like Spiderman

 I don't know about anyone here...but it almost reads off as Spiderman, except for hero being the son of X-Men foe. A wimpy geek transforming into a muscled version of himself has been done from time to time. It's hard to believe that Juggernaut was once married.....can you say, "Hello, Uncle-X." (LOL). Some parts were funny, and I thought it was great.

Posted by info nation

J2 was interesting, but his foes WEREN'T! That was the one thing about his comic I didn't like! Aside from that however, I really did think it was good!

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    I'm back, against my own free will. The terrible comics won't let me go, and this series I'm reviewing today is a stinker. I present to you, the M2U masterpiece, "J2". He's the son of Juggernaut! In fact, every hero or villain in the M2U is the son or daughter of someone super-powered, it's annoying. Marvel splits this issue into three parts, I'll sum up all three for you in sections, with just enough detail to not make you want to punch 90s Marvel in the face.Part I:Zane Yama is the son of Jugg...

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