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Every girl’s and boy’s dream about winning the top award for new artists, the “Asian Idol Audition”. Mika, Kay, and Naomi became best friends during their three years in high school. They have been through many hardships together, chasing their one and only dream to someday debut on the stage together. They attend and win the “Asian Idol Audition” competition, but after everything, there’s a shock. Only Mika is offered a solo debut!

Kay says she will end her friendship with Mika and never forgive her if Mika debuts alone. Naomi promises to support Mika no matter what decision she makes. The master of an old Live Music Club “Hot Spot!” in Tokyo, where the three trained and practiced their performances, advise that if she is prepared for the harsh and lonely road of the professional, then she shouldn’t  hesitate to take this chance. And when Mika meets Ken who is a top music producer who’s been watching her through the auditions, he says she’s meant to be a singing diva!

One year later, Mika debuts backed by one of the top producers, Ken. Her debut single becomes the No.1 in the hit charts, and Mika’s respect for Ken develops into love. However, Ken secretly knows that he has T.B., which is curable, but side effects of the treatment may cause him to lose his hearing. Ken doesn't want to risk his music career, but he knows someday he will not be able to continue, so he becomes devoted to supporting Mika’s career. When Mika learns this, what will Mika do?







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