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The left and the right, but not the middle...

I’ll always remember this personal anecdote J. Michael Straczynski has told on various occasions about how he once stopped a shoplifting at a convention. He was doing a signing and shoplifter was running across the alley in front of him, so he dropped his sharpie, got up and tackled the guy. While JMS was pinning him to the floor and waiting for security to show up, the pinned perp said, “Hey - - aren’t the BABYLON 5 guy?”

That story’s always stuck out to me as an model of comics writer-badass-ity to emulate, and I think about it again because the man who brought you SUPREME POWER and RISING STARS (among many others) is now tackling SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. Straight from the Source, we’ve got news today that he’ll be taking over both titles in July after their respective 700th and 600th issues.

 Moments before the tackling?

So speaks Straczynski…

“For as long as I’ve been doing conventions (starting in the early Cretaceous period, when it was just me and a handful of pterosaurs on a panel debating whether or not mammals with opposable thumbs were really necessary to the writing of quality comics, a point still hotly debated today), there has always been the same question from folks in the audience: “Is there any one character who is your dream character to write for?” The answer has always been the same: Superman. When I first came over to DC, that dream was realized in part by Dan DiDio’s gracious invitation to write the first of potentially many Superman original graphic novels. Now the dream has come fully true with the opportunity to write for the mainstream title, in a story that returns Superman to his roots in a way that will have the whole country talking about him in ways that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Similarly, the chance to write Wonder Woman — the nearest analogue to Superman in the DCU — is massively exciting. She’s a vital, powerful character, and we hope to bring a more contemporary sensibility to her character will retaining everything that makes her unique.

That DC is willing to jump-start these two runs in the pages of their respective anniversary issues is a great opportunity and a vote of confidence in what we have planned for these characters. I’m looking forward to this with more excitement than words can convey.

It’s gonna be a blast.”

 Something like this...

Given JMS’ own description, I think it’s time to adopt my gravel trailer voice and say…

This is an adventure 65 million years in the making.

What do you think, oh pre-historic Comic Vine community? Is this going to be a blast? And are you still pumped about his SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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meh, still not sure yet.

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I think this is great news :D !!!  JMS is such a great writer!
but it's still a shame Gail Simone is leaving wonder woman and I hope JMS will do a good job on writing wonder woman... 
..oh and I hope he does great stuff with superman as well :) 

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I agree, but I will give JMS a chance and see how he handles her.  In fairness its all we can do for now.  He has a stable track record.

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Not sure at all what to think on this.  Would have much preferred to see Simone continue and, apparently failing that, Morrison to take over.  God knows who the artist on WW will be, hopefully Nicola Scott.  Worried about JMS past issues with not following through on projects.

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i loved what he did in Supreme Power.  Couldn't gage Rising Stars as much because of the lateness of the book (been meaning to go back and read it).  But I was already excited for his Earth One: Superman and I'm very tempted to follow these two runs.  The last time I read Superman was when Geoff Johns and Richard Donner were doing it.  And I've never read Wonder Woman.  so just to get me to consider it is a feat in itself.  :)
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Wooooo!!! the DC universe is finally shaping up again!  
this is such great news!!!!!

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I'm really worried this is just going to turn into another superstar creator "getting a character back to their roots": in other words, ignoring what storylines, characterization and continuity they want in favor of their particular vision of a character and DC bending over backwards for them to do it.  JMS is a very competent writer and I've enjoyed a lot of his work, but DC needs to show some editorial backbone for once and keep these books consistent if this is going to be a win in my mind.  We don't want another Amazing Spider-Man mess, or yet another version of Superman's origin like when Donner/Johns took over.
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@Benzo said:
"Wooooo!!! the DC universe is finally shaping up again!  this is such great news!!!!! "
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Any of you read MIDNIGHT NATION?

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You never know,  If JMS didn't tackle that shop lifter, the guy might have gotten away only to kill JMS's uncle Ben,  then JMS gets bitten by a spider and etc. etc.  But I just read Rising Stars about 2 weeks ago and the books is soooooooo good it's not even funny, and it's a maxi-series which is great.  Truly in my top 3 now and Ive been reading books a lot longer most people on here.  It's so damn good, and I highly reccommend anyone read it.  I think I'll check WW and SM because of it.
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This is probably the best news I've heard since that paternity test cleared me!

#12 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio
@Tom Pinchuk said:
"Any of you read MIDNIGHT NATION? "

Is it good? I just finished Rising Stars and was blown away.  I guess it doesn't matter.  I'll go read it right now. 
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@Bandito: Was it like this...  

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JMS = Awesome. 
JMS on Superman and Wonder Woman = More Awesome. 

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 @dondasch: It's already been confirmed that Nicola Scott's going back to Secret Six after her upcoming arc, so she won't be the new artist.  I sort of think that's for the best, though...even though I absolutely love her Wonder Woman, I can't really imagine her working on it without Gail.
Anyway, I haven't read anything from JMS, but a lot of people are raving about him so this seems like good news!  I'm still really sad about Gail leaving Wonder Woman,, at least I'll have the Birds of Prey to make me feel better :D

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All I want is for him to drop all the silver age nonsense. Do that, and I'll love it.
Sad to see Gail Simone leave though.

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DC Fans are really going to be spoiled: 
Grant Morrison on Batman, JMS on Superman and Wonder Woman, and Geoff Johns on Green Lantern and Flash.  

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I'm sad to see Gail Simone leaving WW but oh well.

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He should finish The Twelve for Marvel first.

#20 Posted by AtPhantom (14434 posts) - - Show Bio
@KillerZ said:
" He should finish The Twelve for Marvel first. "
Seeing as how Marvel booted him, I don't see that happening.

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