Why he hates Spider-Man

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what issue was that in?...

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@claws: The Amazing Spider-Man #10.
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Very sad !
And I was thinking he hated him because he was against self-justice...

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wierd i dont remember seeing that at all

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He's stated other reasons as well.  Jameson's son is an astronaut, remember?  And in a world where you can see superheroes on a daily basis, who cares about astronauts anymore?

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...JJJ? Wow, That's deep man, did Stan Lee write this (Sounds like something he would write)
I have more respect for that man now '

tears up a little

"I'm not going to cry..."

Balls up in a corner...

Poor Jonah..."

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I like the reason the ultimate universe gives better, with his dead "hero" son and all.

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LOL, i just read that the other day

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Wow, I always thought it was because his wife was killed by a mugger wearing a mask and he doesn't trust Spider-Man because he wears a mask. I didn't know he felt this way.

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@Silver Knight75:
I think that was froom a Cartoon 
Yeah, i really Like JJ. so many people think, if you dont have power, you are nothing in the comic book universe. 
Still JJ, is better Villian that most of Spiderman villians.
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I dont get why he hates Spidey so much.. Spidey makes him ALOT of paper sales and ALOT of money.

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@The Man of Yesteryear:
Jonah Jameson is a Sabbath!!

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