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J. B. Desalvio spend months perfecting a miniature magnetic device. It could easily fit in a pocket without drawing attention. But was effective enough to control small metallic objects from a safe distance. He headed for Las Vegas, Nevada where his device would enable him to control the small metallic balls of the various roulette tables. Knowing exactly where the ball would end allowed Desalvio to win sure bets. He wanted to become rich.

One night, Janet Van Dyne observed Desalvio winning five times in a row. Everyone else figured it was "Lady Luck" helping him. Janet instead suspected that the guy was cheating and quickly deduced what his method was. But she was unsure how to expose him. So she convinced Hank Pym to use his Ant-Man powers to foil his plans. An ant entered Desalvio's pocket unseen and located the magnetic device.

Janet then caused a distraction to delay the game. Giving Hank the time to gather a small army of ants. Which proceeded to steal the device unnoticed. In the next round of bets, Desalvio bet all his money on number 11. But realized too late that his device was gone. He watched helplessly as the ball ended in number 16. Loosing everything. 

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